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Image by David Beale

Singers & Associates

A Creative Collaboration

No matter what they sing, Levow Kesson performs with a sense of passion and commitment.  Whatever the music - a simple hymn from Slavonic liturgy, a richly lilting folksong or a joyfully exuberant composition by a contemporary composer - the central aim of the choir has always been to inspire and enlighten with its sense of harmonic warmth, rhythm and musicality.


Above all, Levow Kesson makes music because it is a shared passion.  All members, from all walks of life, join together to perform in a way that is stylish and fun.  Over the years, the choir has developed a uniquely cohesive sound built on a foundation of friendship.  They prove that whilst standards are high, they are accessible for all.  They are a creative, courageous and vibrant group of singers.

Meet some singers...

Levow Kesson wouldn't be what it is without the personality and character of all those who form its team.  The choristers are what makes the choir special.  The unique bond they share is one of friendship, trust and a passion for music.

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