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Levow Kesson

Sing together  Stay together

Safe Guarding Policy and guidance for our choir


Our choir

Levow Kesson is a small choir based in St Neot. The group know each other and are supportive as a group of singers. Rehearsal space is in St Neot and performance venues are generally based in South East Cornwall.

Context for this policy

We are committed to ensuring that every member is treated with respect regardless of age, gender, faith, racial heritage or disability. 

With that in mind choir reps are appointed for upper and lower voices so that all members have someone to refer to if there is a concern about the safety of an adult or child, or concern about the behaviour of one choir member towards another.


Upper Voices: Kathy Iles

Lower Voices: Chris Smirthwaite

Types of abuse or behaviours which might be occurring

·         Bullying, harassment or coercion

·         Domestic abuse

·         Exploitation

·         Physical abuse

·         Sexual abuse

Indicators that an adult or child might be unsafe

·         Sustained absence from choir – difficult to get hold of

·         Changes in behaviour or mood, for example: quieter than usual, moody, appears worried or              anxious, lack of concentration, general unhappiness

·         Weight loss or weight gain – appears not to be caring for themselves

·         Injury bruising

·         A disclosure is made to a member of the choir


Sharing information and concerns

Choir members must refer to their choir rep or the MD if there is a concern or information to share. If a disclosure has been made this must be recorded and an appropriate referral made.  It must be recognised that any choir member cannot determine whether an adult or child is at risk or abused; this is the role of social services and the police.


Reporting or making a referral

Any person can contact the services below to report a concern about the safety of a child or adult.

If the concern is about an adult:

Adults - Tel. 0300 1234 131 or email Cornwall Council’s access team. Out of hours call 01208 251300.

If the concern is about a child:

Children – Cornwall Council Multi-Agency Referral Unit (MARU): Tel. 0300 1231116


Photography and recording of concerts

Photographs may be taken by the general public at concerts. The MD will consult with choir members for consensus as to whether photography will be permitted.

If there is a singer who is under 18 – then permission must be sought from the parent or carer and this permission must be given in writing.


References for this policy

Childrens Act – 2004

Care Act – 2014


Ann Craft Trust

Active Cornwall

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care System

Levow Kesson safeguarding policy September 2023

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