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Conductor's baton on sheet music

Founder & Conductor

A Creative Ensemble

Levow Kesson came into being as a result of its Founder and Conductor Heather Taylor’s formative experience as a musician and as a chorister. Her choral enterprise, launched in 2015, aimed to deliver and set new standards of choral musicianship whilst being accessible for all.

Heather Taylor is passionately committed to inspiring and enlightening audiences with the choir's eclectic range of repertoire. Levow Kesson's sound is rich in tone and expression, and reflects Heather Taylor's determination to develop a cohesive and creative performance style with a vibrant group of talented adult singers.

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Among the cornerstones of Heather Taylor’s music-making are collaboration and collegiality. She regards Levow Kesson as a family of singers, one united by ties of fellowship and loyalty and strengthened by the commitment of all members.

Heather Taylor has recently overseen a regeneration of Levow Kesson’s musical philosophy. The choir's repertoire has been selected so that well-known compositions will feature in future concert programmes alongside less-familiar pieces, allowing listeners to discover choral music which resonates with Heather Taylor and with all members of Levow Kesson.

Heather Taylor has a Master's degree in Classical Studies, a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, and is an Associate of Trinity College, London, having gained a Diploma in Piano Performance.  She is currently focusing on her singing career, and is working towards a Licentiate Diploma. She has sung with another mixed voice choir for over eight years.

As a music teacher, Heather runs a very successful music studio based in St Neot, near Liskeard.  She teaches primarily piano, singing, flute and violin, as well as music theory.  In addition, Heather also takes masterclasses and is currently working with a mixed voice quartet that performs alongside her choir.

As a pianist, she has worked alongside many instrumentalists and vocalists at various concerts throughout the county.  Heather has also played for several choirs in the South East Cornwall area.  Previous appointments have been as pianist for Liskeard-based male voice choirs, a Lostwithiel-based vocal group, as well as a Liskeard-based female voice choir.

As an organist, Heather has played at numerous churches in South East Cornwall.  She has had the privilege to play at churches across Cornwall such as: the Liskeard Methodist Church, the Church of St Martin's in Liskeard, the Church of St Wenna in Morval, the Church of St Protus and St Hyacinth in Blisland, the Church of St Germanus in St Germans, the Church of St Winnow, the Church of St Lalluwy in Menheniot, St Neot Church, Callington Methodist Church and Looe Riverside Church.  She is now the organist and choir director at St Martin's Church, Liskeard.

As a composer, Heather often enters festivals and has received several commendations for her music and poetry.  Her compositions are eclectic in style, ranging from both sacred and secular works.  She was commissioned to write lyrics that went on to feature in a much-acclaimed work, 'A Story of Cornwall', that won an award at the Cornish Gorsedd.  This work received its premiere at Carnglaze Caverns and had repeat performances at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro.  More recently, Heather has composed words and music for a piece to be performed at a choral event with an environmental theme.

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